We know software development....inside and out.

Our award winning team delivers amazing results in all phases of software delivery. From concept and requirements to development and support...our team will amaze you every step of the way.


Web Development

We are masters of web development using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. We design web experiences "mobile first" because we understand most web traffic today comes from a mobile device. You'll be amazed at what mobile web can do!

Web development tools change faster than any other area of software development and we stay very focused on every new tool, framework and methodology that emerges. This deep focus and experience in web development allows us to select the perfect development tools and frameworks to use for a given project. Not every web project is the same and our engineers are a part of the delivery process from the beginning so we can understand the requirements and user stories before selecting a tech stack. Selecting the right tech stack and 3rd parties tools is an essential part of our development process and we believe our ability to select the right tool for the right job is what gives us an incredible edge in delivering state of the art software with amazing speed and precision.


Enterprise & CMS

Our team has deep experience with backend and API development. From Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Ethereum Dapps and much more our platforms have been deployed to fortune 500 organizations accross North America. We are experts in building content management systems for clients and have had tremendous success in building our own CMS platforms for the shopping centre industry and others.

Gone are the days where "Enterprise" meant large expensive engagements with SAP, IBM or the like. Our team is comprised of elite engineers from large telecommunication organizations and understand the needs and aspects of delivering the large complex enterprise systems. In addition to designing beautiful user interfaces...we have a deep understanding of system integration and design highly secure APIs with breakneck performance. We understand security and OAauth paradigms extremely well and have delivered mission critical enterprise system integrations to some of North Americas largest telecommunication companies.


Mobile Development

Our team began building native mobile apps in 2009 and have extensive experience with iOS, Android and Hybrid app development. We design our apps using Sketch to bring designs to life before development even begins.

We cut our teeth building native mobile apps from scratch using native frameworks such as iOS Xcode (objective C), Android SDK (Java) and Windows SDKS. Since that time mobile has evolved and us along with it. While we retain those core skills of developing in native platforms we have refined our process to use single source tools such as Xamrin (https://www.xamarin.com/) and React (https://facebook.github.io/react-native/). We have also been a part of the amazing improvement in mobile web technology and build more elements in mobile web than any other. Mobile web frameworks such as angular.js, react.js and vue.js are core components in our technology stack. Frameworks such as Foundation and Bootstrap have played key roles in our ability to build amazing responsive sites with incredible speed.


Blockchain, Bitcoin & Ethereum

We believe that the emergence of the blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum and others represent a significant shift in technology much like mobile did in 2009. We are active in developing DAPPs on the ethereum blockchain and we see the blockchain disrupting many industries and are excited to collaborate with partners who feel this way too. Our development team is well versed in the development of DAPPs and we have a keen understanding of what the blockchain is and how it can best be applied to an idea to create a truly unique and transformative product or service.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our team is growing rapidly in the field of AI and machine learning. AI is a transformative shift in technology and the human condition that has only just begun. We are deeply interested in this field and have several R&D projects in the works that leverage this amazing space leveraging IBM Watson, Open AI, and Tensor Flow. Our engineers are a part of several open source projects in this field and interest continues to grow in this field.



Shopify is a complete ecommerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders — all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Our team has extensive experience in building and integrating with Shopify allowing us to create full e-commerce platforms for our clients with customed UI experiences.