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Mobile Fringe and the Retail & Shopping Industry

Mobile Fringe has become a clear leader within the Retail & Shopping Industry.  No other agency or organization has the experience  in design, development or launching mobile marketing applications for Retail.  Our mobile platform was specifically designed to service retail environments.

If you are a Shopping Center or Shopping Mall – check out Mall Maverick HERE

Why should a Retailer or Shopping Destination use mobile marketing or a Mobile App?

  • Almost all shoppers in the mall have a smartphone. Many have an iPhone or Android with capabilities of having your mobile application.
  • Our Mobile Marketing Technology makes the shopping experience more enjoyable with true personalized shopper engagement making it easy for them to find a store, products, and make a purchase.
  • Choose from a list of features for your one of a kind Retail & Shopping Mobile Platform that will advertise to your shoppers.

Interested? With our Retail & Shopping Mobile platform you can communicate quickly and easily with shoppers, informing consumers about any upcoming event, sale, or store opening at your mall. Efficiently reaching your market—now driving foot traffic to your store location is easy.

How could your retail business or Shopping Destination benefit from using our  Retail & Shopping Mobile Platform?

  • Our Retail & Shopping Center Mobile Platform has a store finder so shoppers can locate their favorite retailers without having to look at the mall directory.
  • Include promotional coupons from retailers directly in the Retail & Shopping Center Mobile Platform, so customers will never miss out on the hottest deals.
  • Allow your shoppers to communicate with each other and share their latest finds. The Retail & Shopping Center Mobile Platform connects easily to various social media applications.
  • Use the Retail & Shopping Center Mobile Platform to inform of holiday store closures, or extended hours.
  • Keep consumers up-to-date on the latest trends, store or mall events, and new store openings by advertising events within our Retail & Center Mobile Platform.
  • Highlight merchandise by creating a mobile catalog for the Retail & Shopping Center Mobile Platform.
  • Our Retail & Shopping Center Mobile Platform will display your brand throughout the application, increasing brand awareness.
  • Our Shopper Relationship Management (SRM) feature is the most powerful way to engage one on one with your shoppers

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If you are a Shopping Center or Shopping Mall – check out Mall Maverick HERE

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  • Immediately we knew we were in good hands when making our app with Mobile Fringe. They understand the Shopping Center industry, our Retailers and our Shoppers needs intimately. Their experience was a great value in not only making the app, but in launching it effectively. We recommend them highly.

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