Make your business mobile.

Mobile is the next part of your enterprise solution.

Seek advice about Mobile for your Enterprise – Because knowledge empowers.

We know what “Enterprise” means. It means working with core business systems … technologies that can be as diverse as business itself.  It means working with Web Services, XML, JSON, API’s or direct database connections.

“Enterprise” also means security, which means working with https, token authentication or LDAP systems. Because security matters … and we know it.

All of this experience, along with a strong focus on mobile performance, provides the right combination for successful enterprise solution.’

Essential questions:

  • How will mobile benefit our company?
  • How do I use mobile via SMS, Mobile Web and/or Mobile App?
  • How will a mobile app compliment and leverage our existing systems and strategies?
  • How will a mobile app impact our employees and our throughput?
  • What is the ROI? How will the app impact our bottom line?

Mobile Fringe expects you to ask these questions?  Why?   Because we aren’t focused on ‘selling’ a mobile app.

Instead, our focus is finding the solution. We look at existing systems like Sharepoint, Documentem, Interwoven, etc… and drive further value leveraging the mobile enterprise channel.  We understand and can deliver any and all part of mobile enterprise solutions including Integration, Mobile Performance and Security.

We offer mobile strategy consulting services, as any legal firm or accounting group. We provide guidance. We demystify the hype. We build trust. We arm you with the tools to identify the solution.

Mobile Fringe stands out from the rest. Our business model is straight forward:

We work as a team.
We build trust.
We achieve goals through open and clear communication.
We build a strong relationship that benefits both.
We establish a stable partnership that endures.

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  • Immediately we knew we were in good hands when making our app with Mobile Fringe. They understand the Shopping Center industry, our Retailers and our Shoppers needs intimately. Their experience was a great value in not only making the app, but in launching it effectively. We recommend them highly.

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