What's your Mobile Strategy?

– Mobile phones access the web MORE than PCs
– 90% of all smartphone owners are smartphone shoppers
– 84% use their smartphone while shopping in a retail location

Mobile Fringe is a leader in retail mobile consulting and software (Apps, LBS, HTML5, Mobile Web, mCommerce). We unlock the potential of mobile for your business. Contact us now.

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The Next Big ThingiBeacons

The next big thing in mobile is iBeacons. This is a game changer that is driven
by some incredible technology by Apple. iBeacons are going to change how
we interact with the things we love to buy, the places we visit and the people
we see there. Learn more below and contact us to see how we can help you
be a part of this revolution.

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The only complete Mall marketing solution

Mall Maverick is the most complete digital content management
platform available for shopping centres. The ONLY custom built
Omni-channel Mall CMS on the market. . .
you’ll be amazed at what you can do with Mall Maverick!

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The Complete ContentManagement Software

Our Retail CMS Digital Marketing Solution is the perfect digital management solution for all your marketing channels. Getting tired of having to make multiple updates for the same message? SAVE TIME and MONEY with Retail CMS.

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Square One App for iPhone and Android

Mobile Fringe is proud to be Square One Shopping Centre’s partner in launching their digital marketing solution. Ontario’s largest retail centre, has a new website, mobile website and mobile apps featuring “WHERE AM I” with TRUE ROUTING that directs you from store to store. No GPS required.

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Vaughan Mills App for iPhone

Mobile Fringe is proud to be Ivanhoe Cambridges’s partner in launching their Vaughan Cierge iPhone app. Vaughan Mills is where fashion and outlets, plus dining and entertainment equals something you have to experience to believe. This social shopping app is a leader in retail mobile marketing

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Location Based ServicesLocation Based Marketing

Do you want to be able to alert your audience whenever they are close by?
Knowing a users location and being able to specifically send an experience based on that information is going to be the hit of 2011. Location Based Services and Mobile Marketing is no longer something people talk about. It is what we do at Mobile Fringe with our clients. Our Location Based Services and Mobile Marketing is changing what it means to deliver relevant content to a user. This is mobile marketing at the next level.

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What is Mobile Marketing, Mobile Development and iPhone Development?

Mobile Marketing is used to describe marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a mobile phone. Mobile Marketing is still fairly new to the marketing mix, but has been rapidly increasing in popularity because of the large number of people who have and use mobile phones. Mobile marketing is generally used to introduce the customer to a new participation-based promotional campaign, ultimately directing the consumer to a mobile website.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has several advantages, the most important of which are outlined below.

  • Mobile marketing is immediate—Mobile marketing campaigns are generally easy to create and execute. Once a mobile marketing campaign is finalized, a message can be delivered to recipients in a matter of seconds.
  • Mobile marketing has great reach—Delivery of messages to mobile phones is almost guaranteed, unlike other direct marketing techniques such as email.
  • Mobile marketing is portable—Customers can receive messages on their mobile devices anywhere, anytime.
  • Mobile marketing is affordable – The cost of sending mobile marketing messages is comparable to that of sending branded email communication to consumers.
  • Mobile marketing is effective – The average mobile marketing message response rate is about 5 times greater than traditional promotional methods, such as direct mail.
  • Mobile marketing is personal – Messages and or personalized content can be targeted directly to the individuals that have been selected to receive them.
  • Mobile marketing is a complementary medium – Mobile marketing is well paired with traditional advertising campaigns, such as radio, print, and television promotions.
  • Mobile marketing is viral – Mobile technology encourages viral marketing more than other promotional method, as mobile marketing has built-in tools for forwarding messages to friends and existing social networks.

What is Mobile Development?

Mobile development refers to applications or websites designed specifically for use on mobile devices. Each mobile device has a different mobile development platform. Examples of mobile development include, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Mobile Fringe specializes in efficient mobile development for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices. Select the appropriate mobile platform for your business, and choose from a list of features that will make your mobile application unique.
Our Mobile Marketing Platforms

  • Shopping Centre Mobile Platform – Our Shopping Centre Mobile Platform allows you to communicate quickly and easily with shoppers, informing consumers about any upcoming event, sale, or store opening at your mall.
  • Retail Mobile Platform – Our Retail Mobile Platform is a mini version of your store that customers can access anytime directly from their mobile phone, so you’re always open for business.
  • Mobile Coupons / Mobile Promotions Platform – Our Mobile Coupons / Mobile Promotions Platform delivers your marketing campaigns directly to your customers via their mobile phone, ensuring shoppers have your deals at their fingertips.
  • Hospitality Mobile Platform – Our Hospitality Mobile Platform is a way to provide guests at your hotel or resort with their own personal guide, taking them directly to the attractions and establishments that meet their unique tastes.
  • Conference Mobile Platform – Our Conference Mobile Marketing Platform connects your convention with those that will be attending the event.
  • Event Mobile Platform – Our Event Mobile Marketing Platform ensures that all relevant information about your event will be placed directly in the hands of your audience – literally.
  • Advertising Mobile Platform – Our Advertising Mobile Platform means your campaigns can be at the fingertips of consumers around the world.
  • Mobile Social Marketing Platform – Our Mobile Social Marketing Platform takes the all the interaction of a social networking site and focuses it directly on your business.

How is mobile marketing different from mobile development?

Mobile development is the action of creating an application that can be used on mobile devices, such as the iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. Mobile Marketing refers to a marketing campaign that uses mobile devices including the iPhone, Android and Blackberry to send a specific promotional message to consumers.
See below for the primary ways in which mobile marketing differs from mobile development.

  • Mobile Marketing will increase your ROI, drive sales and help your business engage directly with your customers.
  • Mobile Development allows your customer to access your marketing campaigns using their mobile devices anywhere, or anytime.
  • Mobile Marketing enhances your multichannel campaign efforts.
  • Mobile Development can be used on a variety of different mobile platforms, including the iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

iPhone Development (Mobile Development for the iPhone)

The iPhone is an internet and multimedia-enabled smarthone designed and marketed by Apple. iPhone mobile development refers to mobile applications made specifically for use on the iPhone. The iPhone development applications are distributed via Apple’s Application Store or App Store. iPhone mobile development can be completely customized and can be used for the iPod Touch, and iPad, in addition to the iPhone. Unlike other forms of mobile development, iPhone development requires approval from Apple before the application can be published.

Android Development (Mobile Development for the Android)

Android is a mobile software platform by Google for mobile devices, which includes an operating system, middleware and key applications using a modified version of the Linux Kernel. Android development refers to mobile applications made specifically for use on the Android – a market which has been growing rapidly over the past year. All Android development applications can be found in the Android Market, a catalogue of applications for the Android, and can be downloaded directly onto the mobile device. Initially, only free Android applications were available on the Android Market. However, paid-for applications can now also be downloaded.

Blackberry Development (Mobile Development for the Blackberry)

Blackberry is a line of mobile email and smartphone devices developed by RIM (Research In Motion). The Blackberry is known primarily for its ability to send and receive email wherever it can access a mobile network of specific mobile phone carriers. Blackberry development refers to the development of mobile applications for the Blackberry.

Blackberry mobile applications need to be downloaded and installed on the Blackberry in order to work. There are thousands of Blackberry mobile applications available online – some available for free, while other blackberry mobile applications need to be purchased. Blackberry Mobile Applications can be downloaded on Blackbery AppWorld or from their publishers websites


  • Immediately we knew we were in good hands when making our app with Mobile Fringe. They understand the Shopping Center industry, our Retailers and our Shoppers needs intimately. Their experience was a great value in not only making the app, but in launching it effectively. We recommend them highly.

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